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Welcome To Mosaic Reptiles

We specialize in offering only high quality captive bred reptiles for those who want nothing but the best. A Wisconsin snake breeder we can ship throughout the U.S. Focusing on Corn Snakes and unique hybrid snakes, we offer the wow factor. A professional snake breeder for over 14 years, we strongly believe in quality over quantity. Every snake we sell is feeding, and comes with full genetic and husbandry records. Fully standing behind the reptiles we produce you can be confident in your purchase from us.

Corn snake X Milk Snake

pink bubblegum ratsnake hybrid

tri color jungle corn hybrid

Captive Bred Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are one of the finest snakes in the reptile trade. These snakes are perfect for the first time snake keeper as well as the serious professional. Currently there are over 100 different morph combination's with over 10,000 possible. New intriguing corn snakes are being bred every year. We will not only be producing some of the latest morph combination's, but some of the good old stand by's as well. Mosaic Reptiles is also working to improve existing lines to bring out the best that is possible.

These are pure corns. Often a concern or a few, some worry that my corn snakes might have blood from other species. Let me assure you that anything that has other species or subspecies involved are properly listed as hybrids. This also includes any snakes that others would classify as intergrades. I will also not sell any hybrid that is not clearly visually identified as such. This is to protect the corn bloodlines now and in the future. To learn more about my ethics on this topic please read the following page on hybrid ethics  

Ultramel Bloodred Corn snake

Designer Hybrid Snakes

I have always been interested in the unusual and unique snakes of the trade. Those with funky patterns or colors have always been an interest. I have never been the one to follow the crowd. Why have the same thing all your friends have when you can have something unique, and special. We acquired our first hybrid snake back in 2000 at the San Antonio show and have been intrigued ever since. Keeping hybrid snakes as pets for many years, we have decided to start a serious breeding program to test out compatibility and dominance of traits among species. Our hybrid snake projects are very unique often producing one of a kind snakes that cannot be reproduced. Every year you can expect to see new combination's and designs from us, keeping things exiting and fresh. We will also have those that we love and produce every year, often working on various morphs of each. Jungle corns, Original bubblegum rat snakes along with our Pink Bubblegums, Cornsons, Tri Color Jungles and even our original jungle creams. To learn more about hybrid snakes and to join in on the conversation visit

corn snake X milk snake hybrid

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